October 22, 2019


Ivan LaBeija - "Haunted" Video

Watch Ivan LaBeija's "Haunted" Video HERE !!

October 03, 2019


Jonni Qwest

Jonni Qwest blesses us under an unforgettable Sunset!


September 21, 2019


Sage x Eye Hunee

Los Angeles based artist, Sage, melts the Brooklyn sky for Eye Hunee. Follow her at @fairysplice .

June 13, 2019


2019 Brooklyn Pride Parade Pics !

Eye Hunee had an amazing time at Brooklyn Pride this year ! Nothing but love in the air. Check out the full album of pics HERE !  

Click here to get the RAINBOW CROWN 


All pics by @shotbyasmith



April 09, 2019


King of the Week ( Kiah)

This week's King (Kiah) is wearing the Eye Hunee White Leather Crown ! Kiah lives in Australia, loves good architecture and occasionally sun bathes in the nude :) You can find him here.


His White Leather Crown is $29.99. Click here to shop !

May 30, 2017


Eye Hunee Joins HoneySuckle Magazine for Re-Launch

  1. Eye Hunee is happy to announce its participation in helping relaunch NYC's independent magazine "HoneySuckle". This relaunch represents Honey Suckle's 4th printed issue and features the concept of "Home". Gracing the cover of this issue is Model/Photographer/Musician Justin Bullock.

Here is Justins interview with HoneySuckle Magazine :



Street. Culture. Underground. Each of these elements embodies model, actor, performer Justin Bullock. Bullock, on probation since age 16, will be released this May—just when you’ll be reading about him in these pages.

Discovered at the age of 16 by photographer Ari Marcopoulos, he was approached in Subway’s “Eat Fresh” to do a collaboration of Adidas and Bathing Ape. At 16 he was also arrested for grand larceny, and six sequential arrests have kept him on probation until he turns 21—this month.

As soon as he does, he’ll be on the beaches of Mexico. International agents of all kinds have been waiting for his release so he can travel internationally for work.

Little did we know, when requesting him for our own “Home” issue, that the actor, rapper, and songwriter is now homeless. He could have had his own apartment by this point, he says, but was held up taking care of his family, who are homeless. Evicted from their apartment in the South Bronx, he and his mom had hopped around in shelters, while his dad made the rounds with his two older brothers. He reports: “We scattered ourselves into Air B&B’s and hotels and stuff, bounced around at friends houses. It was stressful; I’ve never been homeless.”

Justin said the hardest part about being homeless is not being able to show emotion in public, something he wasn’t even aware that he was doing, having grown up in the hood. Being too emotional can draw attention and bring trouble on the streets.

“My mom wanted to keep trying to stay in the system,” Bullock said, referring to the messed up system of homeless shelters, which he says “don’t really want to help you. Like they feel that you have somewhere else to go—when the whole point is, you don’t.”

The shelter system is very regulated, set up with one hoop after another to jump through. “Like, for example, having to make it to places that are far away when you don’t have any transportation. And when you ‘fail’ the application process for permanent shelter status, it’s like starting back at ground zero.”

His mother was beyond frustrated. “She was like: ‘let’s just try again;’ I was like: ‘like why?’ I’m out. Finally I said fuck it. I had to leave, and she was really upset.”  At the time of this interview, Justin is staying with a friend in Connecticut, coming back to the city frequently. New York City is the place he absolutely calls home.

In order to regain his footing and care for himself, he had to to detach from his family—though he makes an effort to keep up with them.

Being African American in the hood and on the streets has schooled him in the harsh realities of social justice and race, and informed his artistry. “Everybody is different,” he said. “But, like I tell the kids in the juvenile hall, where I mentored: If you’re African American or from the Bronx you’re already born to lose. And they don’t make it easier for you, so don’t make it easier for them by fucking up. Your circumstances and upbringing dictate who you are to some. Like for me. For example, I was born into poverty. Like, I didn’t get certain things other people got, like presents for Christmas and things like that, but do what you do and try to make it out the hood.”

   He goes deep with talk of the ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline,’ which criminalizes young students (mostly impoverished, African American or Hispanic) and puts them in prison instead of regular punishment at standardized schools or rehabilitation centers. These severe sentences install them in the system behind bars—or set them on a fucked up, inescapable trajectory of crime for decades.

   At the end of the day, he says if you want his advice or opinion, come and ask. “You gotta want it, otherwise I’m not wasting my time.”

   When he’s released from probation, he looks most forward to “not feeling like I always have to watch my back. The cops are just looking to arrest someone.”  

Justin plans to leave the country and travel, as he’s been offered jobs on large campaigns such as Nike in Hong Kong, as well as other shoots in Mexico.

   He’s eager to live as a free, creative person, taking advantage of the many contacts he’s made in entertainment. He hopes to grow as an artist and develop platforms for his many pursuits, which include filmmaking, rapping, and acting.  

    If he can stay out of trouble through mid-May, he’ll be doing just that.

Fly high Justin. We’ll be waving up at you.

insta @justinjbullock/


February 21, 2017


Eye Hunee Partners with VirtualAPT to Launch first Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

Customers can view a retail store in 360 degrees, interact with content in the video, and purchase high-quality products


Tarrytown, NY: Eye Hunee is proud to announce the first true Virtual Reality shopping experience in the United States. The video (which can be seen here ) allows shoppers to be in a real retail store, look around in 360 degrees and choose items off the rack or from the models. The video also features augmentation within the video, some of which is clickable for full interaction. The technology allows users to interact with content within the video and make a purchase after clicking desired products. Users can shop for high-quality fashion accessories like hats, crowns, men’s apparel, women’s apparel, sunglasses, sneakers, laces, gloves, and music. More information about their fashion collection and one of a kind shopping experience is available on their website at

Today’s customer deserves a new and better way to shop online. Eye Hunee is ecstatic to collaborate and partner with the world’s premier Virtual and Augmented Reality technology company VirtualAPT. This is the first in a series of VR shopping experiences of the partnership featuring Eye Hunee apparel worldwide.

“We are confident with our line of fashion products, which has been manufactured from the best materials and created with style and purpose. We want people to join us in creating a new cool culture that will define the present time and the future of fashion,” said Christopher Sander, Co-Founder of Eye Hunee.

Eye Hunee manufactures apparel, eyewear, and accessories by combining classic style with modern contemporary urban aesthetics. They offer customers an extensive collection of items available in different categories including women’s and men’s apparel such as sheer jackets, T-shirts, shorts, leggings and tank tops. They also sell eyewear such as unisex round sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, cat eyes sunglasses for women and wayfarer sunglasses for men. Customers can also shop for custom sneakers, baseball caps with a large metal lion head, leather crowns, laces with gold lion lace locks and gold label gloves.

“We are excited to have our technology combined with such a cool brand. The creative elements that Chris and his team have had us build for this experience should help generate a lot of excitement for Eye Hunee products,” said Bryan Colin, Co-Founder and CEO of VirtualAPT. Shopping with virtual reality offers a new kind of experience for consumers. On the Eye Hunee website, users can view many of the products available in 360 degrees. The company’s desire, with help of VirtualAPT, is to introduce a new kind of shopping experience that offers great opportunities and possibilities for customers.