Meet The Designers




Jenni, AKA Hi Hairy, is an indie fashion designer and stylist based in New York City.

She created this unique art brand to express her distinctive fashion aesthetic -- inspired by her time living in East London and fused with the vibrant energy of New York City.

Everything Jenni creates is 100% one-of-a-kind, locally sourced, designed, and made by her.

She draws inspiration from double entendres, fluidity, self-collaging, and wearable art.

Think of Jenni’s creations as art pieces that you can wear.



 This collection is a gathering of the many creatures I've made . yes, these pieces are alive ! Living & breathing . I want it to feel organic, each piece unique , all a part of me. There's magic in the process and these garments are a mystic art. There's magic in these garments, they're enchanted with whimsy and time. Adorn to boost your aura. Parts of me that I share with you, enjoy :)




Matt Gold is based in Brooklyn, NY, where he divides his time between music and photography. Gold’s work has been featured in numerous publications and journals. Most recently, he collaborated with Jones Soda, for their PRIDE 2023 campaign.