December 07, 2014

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Tiffany Evans is Bombshell's new "IT" girl


Check out Tiffany Evans profiled in Bombshell Magazine!

"As well as being fierce, hardworking, and talented, Tiffany Evans is sweet, not unlike her new collection of super fly shades.  Eye Hunee was conceptualized in 2012.  “I really wanted it to be something that everyone could wear, men and women,” shared Evans.  It is safe to say, she has achieved that versatility with a funky selection of aviator, wayfarer, and cat-eyed sunglasses.  Her eye wear has been picked up by celebrities such as TLC, Columbus Short, and Keri Hilson—to name a few.  Check out this December 2014, and lookout for the collection in stores March 2015."

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July 29, 2020

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